The Eurologos System

The global productive identity of the Group Eurologos

The Eurologos System is based on three pillars:

  • The first pillar consists of the global glocalization (offices on four continents to provide the relevant production of multilingual communication - "where the languages are spoken").
  • The second pillar involves the combination of the three basic types of production of modern multilingual communication under the same roof, in each Eurologos Office:
    • Advertising desing (copywriting and rewriting) with the brand Telos;
    • Validated multilingualism (glocalized translation and interpretation) with the main brand Eurologos;
    • Graphic design (web and printing and management of social networks).
  • The third pillar is built on a technical know-how of 35 years of international experience, documented on our special website (every three months and in 6 languages) dedicated to the customers of our offices around the world:
  • The Eurologos System also ensures its productive homogeneity, wherever the offices are located, thanks to the "Manual of Procedures Eurologos" consisting of more than 200 pages and several multilingual books on translation science of communication, which are also published on our website: