01. As publications are often multilingual, should one turn to the different Eurologos offices, or is it possible to place an order for all the languages with the office in one’s own country?

02. How can a Eurologos franchise ensure a homogenous quality production compared with that of the Brussels Head Office, or any other Eurologos office?

03. You say that one can only produce quality linguistic and graphic services if one has offices situated in the target countries. However, you have no Eurologos offices in certain other countries either. How then, are you able to proofread the texts in question?

04. Why are your advertising texts so complex?

05. Why is your advertising so aggressive towards your competitors?

06. Which position does Eurologos reserve to technicians-translators, who are specialists in certain areas?

07. Is it really necessary to create a specialist glossary in a sector in order to produce good translations?

08. Why does the Eurologos Group offer three levels of translation quality? Would one level not suffice?

09. How can you ensure the translation of specialist texts? You cannot be familiar with all sectors!

10. Whilst the whole world is trying to delocalize productions in order to reduce costs, you do the opposite by relocalizing languages...

11. How can one contest a translation, which one judges to have been badly done?

12. When a translation has been judged to be contestable, even by Eurologos, how does one proceed?

13. How is the compensation regarding a defective translation calculated?

14. Is ISO certification a guarantee of quality?

15. What do you think of ’certifications’ specific to translation, that are currently being contemplated, or which have already been approved, for example, the DIN standard in Germany?

16. Apart from, of course, Eurologos services, what solutions do you recommend to clients?

17. Do you not think that by offering all the services from editing to translation and pre-press, you are delivering too many specialist services, even competing with advertising agencies?