Five reasons why Eurologos rates are competitive

Eurologos' international network allows for the production of all linguistic services in the country "where the language is spoken". You can't beat the quality and savings!
Eurologos not only supplies the translation, revision, and terminology, but also the layout and illustration, including websites: integrated text and support production reduces management needs and saves time.
Each multilingual purchase order is managed by a single Eurologos project manager wherever s/he is situated vis-a-vis the client (in any Eurologos office), his/her subsidiaries, or his/her distributors: efficiency of centralization always leads to savings.
The different Eurologos offices - all linked by Intranet/Extranet - enable us to carry out economies of scale in high-tech investments, international communication, and quality control.
These savings are reflected in The Eurologos Group's prices, but never affect our continual delivery of excellent products.

With Eurologos you can contract discounts on the total fee. We always reward our clients' loyalty: rate discounts and higher performance levels for annual contracts.

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