Lying as a commercial rule!

"We have hundreds of specialized translators in all fields..."

This is what can very often be read in the advertising of endless "letterbox" translation agencies. This is triple trickery.


the daily multiplication and non-stop growth of specialised domains does not allow for specialization of translators (to see the truth, you just have to multiply the number of existing specializations by the number of languages and combinations...).



this secret army of specialized translators does not even exist in the fertile imagination of compilers of professional directories. And even if translators manage to "specialize", they always need to refer to previously validated translation memories.


these "teams" of hundreds of translators boasted about by these "letterbox" agencies are often on the lists in other, sadly interchangeable agencies, and as misguided as those that try to attract their prospective clients by simple and falsely low cost "solutions".

Making empty promises

The client, always on the lookout for sacrosanct savings, in a hurry to have his or her text translated and "reassured" by the multiple and fantastic promises made by the salesperson, places his/her order with a hint of anxiety. Moreover, this silent fear is not unfamiliar to them. Every time s/he "trusts" a "substanceless promises" s/he feels it.
In truth, exclusively local "letterbox", and non-"glocal" translation agencies, resort to the alluring deception of the ghost army of "specialist" translators. This is to cover up the obscenity of not having offices in the target language markets so as to at least be able to validate the texts in time, using these internal translator-proofreaders(!).

The overclaim mystification

In order to "stand out" from other translation companies, certain entirely local agencies (Warning! There are a lot of them) unhesitatingly indulge in the deceit of overclaim. In other words, they systematically, and without moderation, make promises regarding speed and quality. At a low price, of course.

Eurologos is nevertheless able to offer very competitive prices due to economies of scale and savings resulting from the relocalization of its multilingual production.