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Eurologos Group clients are multinationals, international organizations and SMEs on 4 continents.
The EUROLOGOS Group offices produce more than 70 million words a year for a total of 43 languages.

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The profiles of hundreds of clients located – just like our Eurologos offices – on four continents are presented to you in our quarterly “Glocal” e-Magazine in the Press section of our website.
We have selected over 350 case studies which are representative of both the typologies of services provided daily by our offices and of the countless fields of activity of our clientele. Are you looking for references in your sector?
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Moreover, we have more than 5,000 clients throughout the world: you can ask us for a list of them.

Each year our Terminology departments produce more than 400,000 validated and structured words in dozens of multilingual company glossaries (technolects on Trados, Déjà-Vu and others).


Thousands of multilingual websites and CDs (DVDs) have been produced and engraved in our graphics studios.

For a review of our work worldwide, visit our e-Magazine section: you will find hundreds of pages, in multiple languages, especially articles about services provided to our clients. Please browse through them and read the articles, in particular those about projects which are most similar to your needs.