It's less expensive!

The fifty most important languages in the era of Internet speed

Forty to fifty: That is the number of languages that make the globalizing economy turn and that make up the fundamental vectors of the modern logosphere. Hence the translators, terminologists, graphic designers, project managers and webmasters in the Eurologos Group, although culturally megalophobic, will not stop until they have relocalized the production of language in every country.

The Eurologos Group is "glocal", that is to say, as global (presence on 4 continents means very global) as much as it is local (at least one office for each language means very local).

Global companies need "re-localized" languages.
Producing foreign languages from only one office is not only risky for quality (geo-stylistically), it is also simply more expensive.
That is why Eurologos nourishes the necessarily planetary project of opening more additional offices in the world's most important economic centers. The same ones that are of greatest interest to the companies or globalized institutions, that must, at all costs, export to and communicate with them.