A scribe at the keyboard: the visual jingle of Eurologos

Even if writing is technologically modern, it will always remain a craft.
The eternal classicism of the Egyptian scribe and the modernism of the electronic keyboard that could not be any more technological have been synthesized, in order to summarize all the multilingual activities of Eurologos, in the statue crafted by a Belgian sculptress.
While modern computer know-how (from translation memories to versions of the Internet and to software localization) is symbolized by the keyboard (which replaces pen and papyrus), the figure of the translator-linguist has kept all its immutable allure and traditional typology.
Nothing could be more pertinent for representing the activities and professional culture of the Eurologos offices.
The futuristic character of the most up-to-date linguistic engineering means combined with the perpetual and irreplaceable professionalism of the scribe, who is always a craftsman. Writing, above all if it is multilingual, will always invariably remain a craft - even if it is highly computerized. Always quite a craft.