Eurologos offices linked by Intranet

All our offices are linked by Intranet as well as Extranet.
The system used is VPN (Virtual Private Network).
The routers and the firewalls enable us to create two distinct zones and make them secure:

- the DMZ (demilitarized zone)
- the MZ (militarized zone)

In the first zone we have isolated the critical "public" services, the Web/FTP servers are part of this.
In the second zone we have placed our mail as well as print and sCitrix servers. Everything is fed upstream by leased broadband lines.

Several servers run on Windows and have a mirroring structure, which allows for the parallel storage of our data. This doubles our data's security, which is already automatically saved on a daily basis on magnetic tape.

Exporting in the era of globalization: in the client's language!

How to provide companies with truly multilingual communication to meet their everyday needs at low cost?

The offices within the EUROLOGOS Group deliver translations online via FTP and via their clients' Intranet/Extranet networks

a. Guaranteed speed
b. Low cost (computer-aided human translation)
c. High level linguistic quality (terminology memories for each company technolect

The Eurologos Group,

Your online partner for multilingual communication