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Riccardo Brioschi
Graphic & DTP

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Enrica Viola
IT & Project Manager

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Martina Nencini
service & Project Manager

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Patrizia Zapparoli
Editing & DTP

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Project Manager

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Francesca Castelnuovo
Accounting & Project Manager Eurologos Milano

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Dario Bertolesi
Client Leader

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Matteo Fiorini

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Marika Cenerini
Italian Quality Translation Dept.

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Paola Scodeggio

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Louise McNeela
English Quality
Translation Manager

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The Eurologos Group is one of the leading multinationals in translation and multilingual editing. It has over 20 branches on 4 continents and produces its linguistic services (translation – adaptation, page layout and web publishing) in the places where the language to be dealt with is spoken. Eurologos’s motto is “relocalise the production of languages”: all other kinds of production can be delocalised except languages.

In the Milan offices in the enchanting Villa Mirabello, Eurologos Milano continues to develop its integrated quality system, offering clients services that adhere to 10 basic rules which must not be broken and which are the response to the 10 basic needs of our clients.

Being understood


To conquer new markets, all the technical understanding, all the commercial experience, all the marketing knowledge, in short the whole knowledge management system of every business must be carefully translated and checked so that the products to be sold are competitive and attractive. In the era of globalisation this is essential to be able to export products with success. Business terminology and specific phraseology – which is constantly updated and perfected over the years – must therefore be multiplied by the number of languages (and their geostyles) in these new markets. Translation, in fact, forms an integral part of products and services and is often a deciding factor when it comes to competitiveness. Eurologos Milano’s core business is translation, supported by quality control that reflects more than thirty years of consolidated experience: an obligatory twofold revision by native language speakers, texts translated in the country in which the target language is spoken (only texts created in the reference markets can avoid the lexical interferences typical of translators who live abroad) and the constant use of glossaries and terminological memory databases to ensure that the various company technolects are respected. Every week, Eurologos works on hundreds of linguistic and graphics projects, all different from each other, all requiring case-by-case analysis to determine the approach to be taken. An offer and cost estimate are carefully calculated for each project, from the smallest (e.g. the translation of a letter) to the most complex (e.g. interpreting services, language courses, multilingual brochures and catalogues, website design, multimedia presentations on CD-Rom or software localisation). The online management of linguistic and graphic projects guarantees uniformity of quality, which is why in Eurologos quality and price are increasingly competitive!

Communication is essential!


Communication is essential. The value of every product is heightened and, more importantly, appreciated by the public through the words that present it.
We have a thorough knowledge of the maze of specific technolects of the most diverse companies, we know their every detail and most obscure traits, we respect their professional terminology – with its scientific and technical lexical expressions – and their sociostyle. We are therefore best placed to express your thoughts and help you to communicate: words are our mission.

No language is foreign


The increasing importance given to “rare” languages stems from the interest in the new emerging markets: a large part of the European business world – and Italy in particular – is discovering new trade channels and routes. This is why it is necessary to develop skills in linguistic and graphics services in languages such as Japanese, Korean and Arabic, to guarantee the same high level of quality for all languages. How? By planning the wording of packaging in Arabic in Cairo, or by editing and printing a leaflet in Chinese at the Eurologos Shanghai office. Anticipating these trends means that our price/quality ratio can be even more competitive: our experience comes free. For Eurologos it is by no means unusual to translate, edit and print multilingual projects that include languages from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Every Eurologos office is, in fact, local and global at the same time.

The world at everyone’s fingertips


The internet: the perfect example of the word “worldwide”, the best place to communicate and make yourself heard, and to make contact with clients. It can be an open window on the world, a mine of ideas and symbols, as well as a personal showcase, but one that requires commitment and constant updating. We are truly inspired by the idea of managing this means of communication for our clients, by using our skills – writing, translation, creativity, technical management – and making the most of the infinite possibilities of the world wide web.

Beauty is a right


We have brilliant ideas. And we have the brilliant creatives who know how to turn those ideas into reality. Eurologos Milano has established a graphics department to manage multilingual projects, as well as create brochures and company documents, corporate identities, material for special events etc. Knowing your words well – and how you want to phrase them – it is easier for us, with our creativity, to “visualise” your ideas and provide you with what you want.

Our creativity at your service


Designing a map or a mascot? A series of exclusive new icons? A photo shoot for a new fashion collection or for the opening of a new nightspot? A cross-section to illustrate a department store or a car that is totally new to the market? Our photographers and illustrators work together to devise the best response to your needs at the beginning of each project. From sketch to photograph, we always match the right words with the right images: it helps us give free rein to our imagination and makes the relationship with our clients more interesting and satisfying.

Professional from start to finish


We like to think of it an A to Z service. To be able to offer a complete “package” of words and images.
Eurologos has its own DTP and multimedia graphics experts who manage the Group’s editorial activities.
Language and graphics services under the same roof mean numerous advantages for the client: speed and ease of execution (by eliminating time-consuming stages between the language offices and printing/graphics offices); more importance given to quality control (the text and page layout can be corrected and modified directly by the team responsible, right up to the printing stage); and finally a reduction in the price (by eliminating useless double and triple stages, ensuring that managing departments are not pointlessly duplicated and that general expenses are eliminated). The whole production process is managed internally, right up to printing, be it digital or typographical. The end publication is delivered, naturally, straight to the client’s offices. All you have to do is remove the cellophane wrapping.

You learn something new every day


Why only now, after 8 years of business in the linguistic sector, are we offering you training programs? Because we have got to know and appreciate your needs and demands and have an ever better understanding of your technolect and business language.
Through translating your texts and interpreting at your conferences, we have seen your markets and your company’s perspectives. Only after this can we offer you our linguistic skills and make your know-how international and multilingual.
Teaching in Eurologos is based on a network of skills that respond to the demands of today’s economic and social reality; every course is customised to the needs of each client, so that specific linguistic knowledge in each sector can be developed. Courses can be held at our offices, but also – more importantly – at your offices, to make the frequency of lessons less of a problem and to make it easier for you to benefit from our service.

The art of hospitality


Eurologos also “interprets” your know-how and marketing position: interpreting is communicating. It is the brand image of your position and business that is at stake.
This is why our interpreting departments constantly make sure that the result is perfect: from interpreting itself to multilingual documents, from conference facilities to program editing: once again all the experience and knowledge of Eurologos is at your service. A conference of 1,200 people in six languages, a press conference, a bilingual meeting in your office, a foreign delegation visiting your company... These are just some of the services that we offer, both as a “purely linguistic service” (interpreting and translating) and a “turnkey service” (hotel accommodation, location finding, audio/visual materials and equipment). This customised offer is precisely the added value that Eurologos Milano offers its clients.

One client, one project


Just one Project Manager in direct contact with the client from translation to printing.
Each project we deal with is led by one general supervisor, the Project Manager who acts as direct contact for the client and the language experts (translators, revisers, terminologists, graphic designers and IT specialists). All links in the linguistic and graphics production chain at Eurologos can be contacted directly by the client (should he or she wish), to make it easier to resolve any queries about the translation, organize updates, discuss the layout, how data will be sent, or computer compatibility, make last minute changes etc.
All our Project Managers work with SAP Business One®: an IT solution that is simple and effective and that allows us to tackle and solve problems in the timeliest manner possible, to recognise market trends, to identify commercial opportunities more efficiently and to carefully plan all the requests of our clients. In practice it involves just one single process from the request for a translation to the invoice being prepared, with no time wasted; an easy method that brings enormous advantages for everybody.