Only the audience and the president of the session choose the duration

The duration of talks by Eurologos conference speakers is generally 20-30 minutes. Time is often given for a debate at the end of the presentation, and requests for greater detail, as well as objections are generally numerous.
A presentation of the conference is always printed and distributed to participants after the conference so as to leave a written trace of the verbal communication. Sometimes this presentation is also posted on the Internet (on this site), even in several languages.
The conference is often backed by a PowerPoint presentation on a large screen and prepared on a laptop.
The general idea behind our conferences is that public communication addressed to an audience of amateurs (whether they be students, professors or professionals) must justify, through its original and accurate content, the benevolent attention of the participants.
Special care is to be afforded to the synthetic character of the intervention to ensure that the allotted speaking time is scrupulously respected: only the explicit availability of the audience and the president of the session can justify extensions.