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"Eurologos : là où les langues sont parlées" article
Article published in "Trends-Tendances" bilingual Belgian weekly.
(January 2006)

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Article from Eurologos-Madrid

Avalaible in Es


The article published in Markt + Wirtschaft, a German monthly publication (No. 6/June 2004).

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Article published in "Trends-Tendances", bilingual Belgian weekly (NL-FR). (January 2004)

Avalaible in FR and in NL

Article « Stella die KommunikationsFabrik Eurologos Taldeari atxiki » Article published in the "Euskotek revista de la Red de parques tecnólogicos de Euskadi" magazine about the opening of the Eurologos-Bilbao office (2nd semester 2003).

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"Eurologos opens Cyprus office" article
Article published in the "Financial Mirror" magazine about the opening of the Eurologos-Cyprus office (March 2003).

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"Edito de Language International" article
The word "glocalisation"

Avalaible in EN and in FR

Article « Localizing Marketing Materials » Sébastien Chipot's article-interview, project manager at Eurologos-Bruxelles, published in Language International of june 2002

Available in EN and FR

Article « Franchising als systeem... » Article published in the review "Franchise" + (Netherlands) (NL-FR) in April 2002 with an interview of Karl Vandeputte, director at Eurologos-Brussels

Available in NL and in FR

Article « Société de traduction... » Article published in "Trends-Tendances", weekly Belgian bilingual magazine (NL-FR), with an interview of Karl Vandeputte, director of Eurologos-Bruxelles (january 2002)

« Translating a hunch » Article interview of M.L. Sudheen, director of Eurologos-New Delhi, published in the "Indian Times", main indian daily newspaper (november 2001)

" La philosophie d'Eurologos Article" Article about Eurologos published in "Management assistant" (FR-NL), monthly Belgian magazine for professionals, with an interview of the Eurologos-Brussels manager, Karl Vandeputte (photo) (april 2001)

Available in NL and FR

"Mind your language" Article published in the international edition of Trends-Tendance (FR-EN) (February 2001) with an interview of Karl Vandeputte (photo), directeur of Eurologos-Bruxelles

Available in EN

"Traducteurs et interprètes..."Interview of Franco Troiano (photo), CEO of the Eurologos Group, published in "Le Soir" in Brussels (FR), main daily Belgian francophone newspaper (15 april 2000)

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"Export, Übersetzung..." Article published in the monthly review "Debelux" (DE) about Eurologos-Köln with an interview of the manager (septembre 1998)

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"Eurologos : "la qualité doit être totale » + article in Dutch" Bilingual article (FR-NL) and front cover of "Informa" in Brussels, with an interview of Franco Troiano, CEO of the Eurologos Group(march 1997)

Text available in FR

"Informa" (Brussels, 1997) front cover Franco Troiano on the front cover of Informa

"Vertaalbureaus", article in Dutch and French Article published in the Dutch edition of "Trends-Tendances", Belgian weekly magazine, with interviews of the Eurologos managers (january 1995)

Text available in FR

"Il free lance si organizza..." article Article-interview of Franco Troiano, CEO of the Eurologos Group, published in "Il Sole 24 Ore", main Italian economic daily newspaper (20 july 1992)

Text available in IT

"Franco Troiano : bâtisseur..." article Interview with Franco Troiano, CEO of the Eurologos Group, which appeared in "Le Soir", leading Belgian francophone daily (10 July 1992)

Text available in FR

"Ook bij vertalingen..." article Interview with Franco Troiano and the Eurologos Brussels Director, which appeared in the biligual (NL-FR) Belgian monthly "Het Bedrijf Industrial Digest" (July 1991)

Text available in NL