A company recognized as an economic leader is obliged to publish research works in the professional culture of its own sector.

This is why Eurologos managers have taken the time to write and publish several books. Advancement of professional know-how in any field is always preceded or accompanied by the publication of books.
A sector's professional bibliography thus constitutes the inventory of contributions to the scientific and technological (logico-technical) knowledge of that same sector. They are mainly located in two niches: fundamental research work and so-called applied research.
The books written by Eurologos constitute contributions to applied professional research, the least developed in its sector, which is the least that can be said - that link the theoretical with the experimental and practical.
Indeed, if fundamental research in linguistics as well as typography is very rich and developed (thanks mainly to numerous university professors!), applied research works appear to be disappointingly modest, especially from a quantitative point of view.
Unfortunately, those books (which should have been written by staff of linguistic services companies) are conspicuous by their almost complete absence.
This fact speaks volumes about a certain primitivism that still afflicts our sectors of activity.
Eurologos managers have been trying, since the beginning of the 90s, to fill this cultural void, which is very embarrassing to the profession sometimes cruelly accused of being paradoxically brainless.

This bibliography contains the main references taken from the book written by three EUROLOGOS Group managers "Translation, Adaption and Multilingual Editing", TCG Editions, Brussels, second edition, 1998.