Opening of the Eurologos-Thessaloniki branch

The Eurologos Group continues its expansion in Greece.

Thessaloniki (or Salonica), with its one million inhabitants, is the second largest industrial city (and capital of the North) in Greece. It is proud to have been founded over 2,500 years ago in honour and bearing the name of Alexander the Great's sister.
Modern Greek is, therefore, guaranteed within the Eurologos Group. As with every other branch in our group, Eurologos-Thessaloniki produces, checks and validates the national language and allows each branch in our network to deliver excellent texts both in speed and quality. As for the prices, they are very competitive even for Greece.
Our local representative, Alexandros Mouratidis, will answer the phone in Greek, naturally, but also in English, the working language for our branches.

For the addresses of our agencies we kindly invite you to consult our website: