APRIL 2008

Opening of the Eurologos-Shanghai office

The Eurologos Group continues - in China - its expansion.
In April 2008, our Chinese office will open its doors in the economic capital of this new giant, second producer in the world!
If the fear of global competition for products coming from the “Celestial Empire” to invade our "Western Markets” was widespread these last few years, Eurologos states its peace of mind and optimism for this opening.
It is going to fill a gap in the list of the offices within the Eurologos Group dedicated to the production of linguistic services. From now on, texts from and into Chinese are produced and validated directly in Shanghai. At unbeatable prices and a high level of linguistic quality. Eurologos translatological philosophy is, indeed, to translate and edit where the language is spoken. The new Eurologos-Shanghai office is even equipped with a department for web publishing and software localisation.
For the address and contacts, visit our website www.eurologos.com.