January 2011

Eurologos leaves the B.Q.T.A.

In December 2010, Eurologos Brussels presented its irrevocable resignation from the Belgian Quality Translation Association, the Belgian professional association affiliated with the EUATC.

The reason for this resignation was the fact that Eurologos hopes that a new global professional association will welcome only the creation of multinationalised agencies.

In fact, the existing European associations, among which is the BQTA, mix the agencies which are monolocalised in only one country with those agencies known as “glocalised”, that is to say, simultaneously globalised and localised, situated in several countries.

The objection advanced by Eurologos consists of pointing the finger at all the “letterboxes”. That is the name given to agencies situated in only one country, which continue to claim to provide quality multilingual translations despite the impossibility of controlling and validating them.

At best, they can ensure the translations into the language or languages of their country, and not those into foreign languages.

Eurologos has even published a book in three languages (in English, French, and Italian: soon in Dutch, Spanish, and other languages) to more deeply motivate this resignation: see the books online at the site www.eurologos.com.

The central thesis of the book illustrates—as Eurologos has done for more than fifteen years—the well-known traductological argument that quality multilingual texts cannot be produced without having as many operational headquarters as languages and geostyles promised to clients.

The monolocalised agencies (the “letterboxes” which receive translations from freelance translators) cannot, of course, send these texts, highly susceptible to conceptual (semantic), ortho-syntactical, terminological, and geo-stylistic faults, to their clients without any control or validation.

On the other hand, the Eurologos slogan “where the languages are spoken” justifies its twenty headquarters on four continents. The validation of Total Linguistic Quality can only be realised within agencies under the same brand, situated in the country of the target language. Eurologos is also ISO-9001 certified.