February 2012

Our Glocal e-magazine is 10 years old

This quarterly magazine written in six languages that describes, since 2002, the activities of our glocalised Eurologos agencies located on four continents
Despite the recessive crisis in our Western economy, the Eurologos Group continues to publish its online e-magazine and is starting to celebrate its tenth birthday. Already its 41st issue, it describes the life of the twenty or so agencies, from Brussels to Shanghai and from Lisbon to Sao Paulo without forgetting Milan and London…


400 case histories taken as international references for 15 sectors and numerous technolects

What have we, fundamentally, talked about – and continue to write about – in this quarterly Glocal e-magazine?
First of all, our articles describe our agencies’ activities, carried out to attend our clients situated in thirty or so countries.
Thus, we can find more than 400 case histories of these clients, which form a genuine illustration of our services’ excellent know-how on the international markets.
We have divided these clients into 15 large industrial and institutional sectors, in an easy selectable manner, on our website dedicated to this Glocal newsletter: each prospect, future client, will easily be able to find their specialisations and particular technolects (specific jargons) in the services we have been performing during 35 years.
We have been using translation memories for relevant terminologies for more than twenty years.

The know-how of multilingual Communication within its competitivness
Then, our Glocal e-magazine (that possesses a website in six languages: www.glocal.be) establishes a short introduction – but often also a detailed one – of the important topics regarding modern multilingual Communication. The latter is assembled in our agencies through the three activities that our group delivers to our clients (big or small) on four continents:

  • conception/writing (including the Editorial and Graphic Charters);
  • glocal translation/adaptation (validated on site by the teams of our offices);
  • graphic design integrated into the media (for printed material and websites).

Thus, these three activities integrated in our agencies which validate the quality, allow unbeatable prices and an essential execution speed to modern markets.

A corporate modern magazine must be multilingual, pedagogically committed and bound to produce the competitiveness of its activities. Eurologos Glocal.