February 2005

Maltese, the least-spoken official European language, will henceforth be produced on site by Eurologos-Malta

Now, Maltese, the official European language with the fewest native speakers, is produced on-site by Eurologos-Malta.
The objective of the Eurologos Group to open as many offices as languages to be delivered to its clients finds its latest illustration in the opening of the Malta office. A small anglophone and anglophile country, Malta ensures two languages perfectly: UK English (its translators and executives have very often studied in the U.K.) and naturally, Maltese. Resulting from the expansion to 25 countries that took place in May 2004, they are, respectively, the first and the latest languages of new Europe. Where to translate from and into Maltese (not forgetting English) in the best conditions for linguistic quality and price competitiveness? This is the reason for Eurologos-Malta (see their contact details on our website www.eurologos.com).