The Eurologos Group opens up an office in Saint Petersburg and continues its “glocalization”

The Head Office of the Eurologos Group, located in Brussels, is pleased to announce the birth of Eurologos-Saint Petersburg.
The two founders who have just opened this 31st Eurologos office in Russia are introduced in the attached February 2003 Newsletter, on page 1 and 9.
The Eurologos Group thus continues its “glocalization” (its globalization and, at the same time, its localization) in what is commonly called the modern economic logosphere.

Linguistic quality: at least one operational office for each language

The Eurologos strategy is based on the very simple and natural principle according to which the languages must "be produced where they are spoken": all products can indeed be delocalized, except for linguistic services. The latter, to be of impeccable quality, must have as many offices available as there are languages to be delivered to the clients, including geo-styles: for example, we have an office in Madrid for Castilian and two other offices in South America for Mexican and Colombian!
All our offices, current and future, are linked via our Intranet by a simple click of the mouse. The project that drives Eurologos is to set up 50 offices by 2005 thus guaranteeing its 4,000 current clients on 4 continents the 50 languages that will make the economy go round. The year 2003 is off to a good start for Eurologos.