March 2013

Opening of the Agency Eurologos-Skopje

The Eurologos Group continues its expansion in Macedonia

The agency Eurologos-Skopje has opened its doors in March 2013 in the Macedonian capital.

The contact person and address are as follows:
- Borce Veljanoski
- General Manager
- Tel. + 389 2 3 22 55 77
- Via Naroden Front 5/1-15, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

According to the philosophy and strategy of Eurologos’ agencies, already located on four continents, the production of multilingual communication (advertising, translations, and websites) is always done by the office of the target language. The reason for this production method is the cultural pertinence and linguistic quality of the validation of services: we cannot assure the excellence of multilingual communication if we use the services of operational agencies other than those of the languages and geo-marketing promised to clients. Each Eurologos agency is composed of copywriters, translators, terminologists, printers, and web developers and gathers all the professions of modern (inevitably multilingual) communication under the same roof, in order to assure the highest level of excellence and validate on the spot! In brief, visit one of our four linked websites: (in 15 languages).