Opening of the Eurologos-Tunis branch

The Eurologos Group continues its expansion in Tunis.

Arab and French are the national languages guaranteed by the new Eurologos-Tunis branch. In fact, the production of a language (fundamentally Arab, in this case) can only be achieved "in situ". Over there, where the language is spoken. It is only there that it can easily be checked, corrected and validated. Without phraseological or lexical interferences!
In order to do this, a completely operative agency (with translators, revisers, terminologists, project managers, info-graphics and webmasters) must be set up in the target language country.
The principle of our Eurologos System is, in this way, enriched with good quality Arab, local language in Tunis. In other words, it has to do with what the Californians call productive "glocalism" (globalism and localism at the same time).
Furthermore, production over there is economically more competitive.

For their address and contact details consult our website: www.eurologos.com