Opening of the Eurologos-Brno branch

The Eurologos Group continues its expansion in the Czech Republic.

Our new branch in the industrial northern city of Brno in the Czech Republic will be operative by October-November 2010.
The languages of central Europe, after Polish (Eurologos-Gliwice) and Romanian (Eurologos Bucharest), are threfore guaranteed by our branches that validate all the texts before delivery.
Our productive principle, according to which it is necessary to have as many Eurologos branches as the languages we promise to our clients, is enriched by an agency that - since it began – has had linguistic and info-graphics departments for a validated production (for printing as well as websites).
We do not only produce Czech and Slovak (before opening a branch in Bratislava) in the Czech Republic: Slovak is a sister language to Czech, once (until 1993) part of it (old Czechoslovakian) during the communist regime, but now quite separate due to Slovakia's independence.
The two languages have become divergent, as imposed by their origins.

On our website ( you can find the address and contact details of our three young specialists that are heading the new agency.