Not only legal commitment but also ad-hoc assurance and in-house structural security

Below, we show, as an example, a "confidentiality Commitment" that we attach to all particularly confidential contracts.
Special clauses are often provided for on an ad-hoc basis according to the client company's or institution's needs (they are inserted on a case-by-case basis). The most reassuring of guarantees for the client, however, lies in the fact that each office of the Eurologos Group can really guarantee that all high-risk texts will never leave the company premises!
Our multinational ("glocal": global and local at the same time) structure enables us to process all information within our offices, not only legally, but also directly and "physically" supervised.
Exclusively local agencies in competition with Eurologos are, on the other hand, often forced to outsource (externally of course) even texts that are highly confidential...
In matters of security, Eurologos thus guarantees confidentiality on three levels:

a. professional confidentiality that is part of our professional code of ethics;
b. the confidentiality guarantee specific to the particular demands of a client;
c. the security of direct control by the rigorous in-house processing of information.

And, of course, modern technologies (including encrypting) are used - if need be - by all the Eurologos Group's offices.