Total Quality? It starts in advance, especially in the area of linguistic services. All the elements of know-how and professional culture and, therefore, the premise of excellent delivery are always set out in the initial offer and the consequent contractualization.
The Eurologos Group believes that making contractualization simple but complete is its duty. We use a Eurologos Quality contract (under Related Topics), which takes into account the wide range of our services, but which is set out in a modular way. This allows us to prepare (or modify) an offer in the blink of an eye, it can be one or ten pages long, depending on the project in question, which guarantees the accuracy and rigor of the final contract to the client.
The Eurologos Group is convinced that the first quality service to supply to future clients is an offer that integrates and presents all the necessary variants and all the elements necessary for a conscious and truly free purchase choice.