Systematic proofreading, above all for freelance translators

Every day, the EUROLOGOS Group proofreading and quality control departments notify the different project managers in each office of the quality level of the translations produced by freelance translators.
If a freelance translator submits an incorrect text more than twice, their name is removed from all the Group's files.
A translated text is considered unacceptable if, for example, there is an accumulation of spelling and terminological errors as well as a lack of semantic adherence to the original, either by excess or by error. For EUROLOGOS, the main characteristic of a good translation is adherence.
With respect to this, the EUROLOGOS Group upholds the fine traductological principle of "literal translation" (not to be confused with word for word translation or with carbon copy): see glossary and our book "Translation, Adaptation, and Multilingual Editing", T.C.G. Editions, Brussels, 1994, also published online on this website. We contest the cliché that says that there is no such thing as a "good and faithful" translation. If the beauty of a translated text depends on its geo- and socio-style, its adherence depends on whether all of the semantic elements found in the source text have been reproduced in all their "literal" (morphological) and specific connotations. Why should one exclude the other?