We have always posed ourselves the objective to seek our client's total satisfaction and the constant improvement of our organisation.

Starting from these principles, thanks to our professional conscience, the experience and competence of our team, we have created a Quality Management System that follows the most rigorous criteria of the 2008 version of the ISO 9001 international regulation.

Our quality card is focussed on:

The professionally executed realisation of multilingual services of translation, revising, copyrighting, rewriting...

The creation of precise criteria for the evaluation of linguistic quality that aim at performance and excellence in writing.

The preoccupation of pursuing the production strategy of multilingual services in countries "where the languages are spoken".

The guarantee of an optimal and personalised service to each and every client right from the first contact.

A management that aims to continually improve its organisation and its search for total client satisfaction.

This commitment to quality and excellence requires a permanent mobilisation on behalf of everyone.

This is why, the Management makes an effort to maintain the efficiency of its organisation and entrusts the Quality Manager with the mission to promote, operate and monitor the application of our new quality card.

We also ask every member of staff to adhere to our efforts in continuing to promote a positive image, dynamic and offer our clients the best product and the best service.

F. Troiano
Managing Director