The globalization-glocalization of Eurologos offices

Globalizing companies and organizations require the multilingual management of texts and terminologies.
In the name of the international management of different brands, each client's texts and specific terminology must be very solidly managed at the heart of the organization: by the client, by Eurologos or by both organizations in partnership.
Company technolects and those specific to the client's field, that is to say technical or specific language (including phraseology, idiomatic expressions and sector terminology), cannot be left to the organizational spontaneity of multinationalization.

Each globalized client must take up the management of its own technolect as a fundamental and strategic asset of its own culture.
Local and multinational offices collaborate on a daily basis with Eurologos offices in the creation, management and updating of terminologies and phraseologies that are recorded in the translation memories, especially during the final validation phase. And language after language. Naturally the goal is to produce well “glocalized” texts, that is to say texts that are perceived by users as belonging to one and the same brand or organization, (thus well globalized) and at the same time perfectly localized, even from a geo-stylistic point of view they are adapted to the target market's local culture and language.