The content of Russian dolls

The process linking the Verb to the enunciation of an individual resembles the one accomplished by opening a series of Russian nesting dolls (the logos doll contains the concept doll, which contains writing, which contains style, etc.).
In reality, the critical analysis of a text takes place in the opposite direction (from idiolect to style to writing and so on, until its conceptualization).

From logos to personal style

Logos: Correctness and substance of the Word. The logos contains everything that can be conceptualized.

Concept: Thematic and contextual ideation. The concept is expressed by a written message.

Writing: Intelligible wording of the message. Writing is situated in the area defined by ideation and style.

Style: Specific morphology of the linguistic norm (first aesthetic variant).

Geo-style: Linguistic style particular to a geographical community of speakers.

Socio-style: Socio-style is particular to a homogeneous section of defined speakers within the geo-linguistic community (socio-economic or professional category, cultural and age groups, etc).

Technolect: Technolect is contained - as a subset - within the socio-style (language and terminology of an activity or company). Professional jargon characterised by scientific or technical lexical expressions.

Idiolect: The specific phraseology of an individual at a given moment or in a given circumstance. Idiolect emanates from technolect and determines a specific style in the individual.

Personal style: Individual divergence from the minimal linguistic standard: particular style of a speaker. Personal style is implacable and virtually inimitable.

The texts on this page are excerpts from the book "Translation, adaptation, and multilingual editing", written by three EUROLOGOS managers (TGC Publications, Brussels, 1994) pp. 73-163

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