Eurologos offices can skim past mistakes without committing them

In addition to adding the finishing touch, rewriting technical and advertising texts drafted by specialists who are aware of the fact that they can let themselves get carried away by their pen (which is rare!), Eurologos guarantees the geo-stylistic rewriting of commercial texts for their target markets.
A flyer for Brazil or for Mexico must really be rewritten if it has been conceived in Lusitanian Portuguese or in Castilian Spanish.
The same goes for the translation into German of a text written by a Japanese person or for a British catalog that must be "translated" into an American one.

The Romanian author Emile Cioran, who wrote the majority of his work in French, was of the same opinion as other famous "bilingual" novelists (such as the Russian anglophone Vladimir Nabokov or the Argentinean francophone Hector Branciotti), all claimed that one can talk of mastering a language when one can "have a run-in with error" without actually committing it. A dangerous exercise regarding one's mother tongue if one has lived abroad for a long time, if there ever was one, or when one writes in a language acquired late in life. In short, when this is not the language in which one "counts money, gets angry or makes love".
This is the reason why numerous "glocalized" offices not only guarantee the translation but also the geo-style of the texts, which must be totally appropriate to the product and its market: geo-marketing relevance requires it!