Multilingual writing: three ways to write

Translation, adaptation (translation rewriting) and multilingual copywriting

In the so-called pragmatic texts of multilingual communication – commercial, technical or advertising ones – one always finds three ways of writing: classical translation, adaptation also called translation rewriting, and multilingual copywriting.
Naturally, we are not talking about literary, poetical or theatrical (cinematic) transpositions that entail very different expressive methods and deviations.

In the following pages, the precise characteristics of these three writing typologies and procedures in order to reach excellence are described.

Eurologos desires to anticipate the essential and unavoidable precondition for all types of multilingual writing: the availability of glocal operational agencies, under the same brand, that are able to supply checked and validated translations, adaptations and copywriting even from a geostylistic point of view.

The deadly enemy of multilingual writing: monolocalism