Why only the glocal translations are validated?

Eurologos created glocalized agencies on four continents ever since 1996

Why does Eurologos keep on creating new multilingual communication agencies on every continent?

For a very simple and logical reason: to produce and above all, validate copywriting, multilingual and media supports productions (printings and websites), one must have as many operational agencies in different countries as languages promised to clients on the markets.

The reasons behind this positioning defined, since the 90s by the Californian marketers, as glocal (i.e. global and local at the same time), are even intuitive: one cannot write, check, modify and correct texts and linguistic supplies without a global organisation and a same brand.

Furthermore, how can one validate a conception/writing, a translation, a localisation of software or websites, without having on-site agencies?

The commercial, cultural, anthropological as well as the legal control can only be carried out on a glocalized level.

The glocal validation of multilingual services is even intuitive