Glocalised design

An example of why qualified and relevant design can only be carried out by a glocalised company:

A champagne brand had an advertisement made and both the French and Asian markets rejected it. Why?
Because for the French advert, the advertising agency created an image showing partygoers about to enjoy a bottle of champagne.
However, in France there is a law that prevents the association of alcohol with people, and especially youth culture. The monolocalised agency could never have imagined that such a law existed.

In Asia, there was a different reason for the advertisement’s rejection. In the same layout, a pretty young girl was sitting on the ground daydreaming in bare feet.
However, in the Asian culture women’s bare feet are construed as sexual content - highly inappropriate for use in advertising – which couldn’t be imagined by someone located in the West.

In short, it was necessary to have – like Eurologos – a glocal agency in France (Eurologos-Paris) and another one in the East (Eurologos-Shanghai) to at least validate the advertisement in accordance with local principles and laws.
In fact, we had to remove the group of partygoers and add shoes to the girl’s feet to make the advertising campaigns appropriate for launch in both markets.

Knowledge of local laws and culture is essential for creating the perfect advertising message.