Multilingual copywriting

Writing often takes the place of verbal communication in an inevitably multilingual world.

In this era full of words and imagery, everything must be written.
We are often not aware of this fact but our written communication is seen by our potential clients before we even speak to them
Furthermore, given that we often communicate with clients all over the world, sometimes it is our only form of communication with them.
This is why we need multilingual copywriting.

How can we ensure writing that is both conceptually and stylistically relevant?
Only with copywriters, translators and terminologists living in the target language country, i.e. the market you are targeting.
These writers also have to work under the same brand and principles. Otherwise the message could end up being fractured or there may be discrepancies in terminology across the different languages

This means that the only solution possible is a glocalised one.
The Eurologos agencies have been glocalised for almost two decades.

Relevant and quality driven composition must always be glocalised