Creativity. Talented workmanship.

Great copywriters often amazed themselves at some of their own creations

What has become of the word “creativity” that enabled a whole generation of advertising agencies to make a fortune?
And that also, to a certain extent, made them dig their own grave?
Picasso, who was an expert when it came to artistic creation, used to invite his guests to urinate, as he did, on his sculptures (to make them “age”) in his garden at the Côte d’Azur and he often talked to them about the significant number of works of art he was working on everyday.
Among these, he seldom discovered a gem that ended up amazing him.
Where did it come from? Who had actually created it?
He was forced to conclude that there was a ‘heavenly’ hand that held his on some occasions.

The same applies to true creativity: in quality crafting carried out by talented people, every morning without interruption, one can sometimes discover a mysterious hand that assists the work of art in truly becoming what we can call ‘creative’.

True copywriters are aware of this. They can continue to raise the standard of their workmanship but a real work of art is the one that goes beyond their own capacities and surprises even them.

Eurologos does not pretend to create art but we do offer consistently talented workmanship.