Linguistic homogeneity and terminology glossaries

Uniting technical competence and writing talent

Something everyone agrees on is that a technical text must be structured around precise and relevant technological terminology if it is to be of a high level of quality.
Short explanations of difficult or rare terms have never made a text unreadable.
Nowadays, most people use a certain level of relatively technical language in their everyday lexicon.

How do we achieve a level of communication that is stylistically accessible and, at the same time, rigorous and factually correct?
The language industry has created, many translation memories over the last twenty-five years that all the Eurologos agencies, situated on four continents, possess.

These programs, which memorise glossaries as well as idiomatic expressions particular to companies, guarantee not only term precision, but also linguistic homogeneity over time.
The various corporate (or institution-specific) technical lexicons are thus progressively created language by language.

Translation memories form the basis of technical compositions.