Preliminary and minimal procedure for copywriting

A possibly written briefing with the account or the writer

Regardless of the Eurologos supply of the Editorial Policy and Editorial Charter documents, it is necessary – even briefly – to prepare a copywriting service.

First of all, after having defined the language, its geo-style and the target audience, one must establish the editorial goals of the texts from a terminological and stylistic point of view as well as from an emotional point of view...

Secondly, the briefing must be precise lengthwise (number of words), with titles, subtitles and the types of media through which the text or texts must be presented.

Thirdly, the account or the copywriter must be up to date, with the most exhaustive documentation possible, regarding the product(s) or services to describe or even advertise.

One or two correction rounds with the competent services of the client must be planned for the final layout of the texts.

Fourthly, it is necessary to make sure that the writing is harmonious with the Editorial Policy and the Editorial Charter of the company or institution in question.

A writing, especially if multiligual, has to be in line with the company's strategy