Technical writing and company-specific language

Modern writing is inevitably technical

On the whole, technicians and engineers are not also good at writing as it is not their job.
However, they know what they are talking about when it comes to technical terminology, technical descriptions, and reports with highly technological content.

To sell is the primary objective of the market. This is the main reason for transforming technical communication for advertising and sales communication.
Technical writing must also be promotional and generally advertising texts are destined to become more and more technical. The technological side - of the product itself or of its manufacturing method - plays a fundamental role in the sales pitch, as it often constitutes the promotional advantage the product has over others.

So how do you go about this?
A two-pronged integrated solution is required.
On the one hand, technicians can’t be expected to have a flair for writing sales-orientated text at the same time as being flawless with their technical precision and use of technical language.
And on the other hand, copywriters must not deliver instruction manuals that include errors or lack factual content.

Eurologos’ agencies have been applying a two-pronged approach to technical writing for the past twenty years.