Charters & Corporate Identity

What is the purpose of Charters, whether they are editorial or graphic?
To create the identity of a company, a group or product line etc.

The strict connection between the production of Charters and the meticulous construction of the identity, positioning and image of the organisation – whether small or large, public or private – is always at the centre of the communication.

As soon as you have an Editorial Charter and a Graphic Charter, you no longer only have an identity card with photo but also a biography and your own projectual narrative.

In truth, the two Charters always spring from another document which always remains the master, the mother of any other marketing formats. This document is called the Editorial Policy and is part of the deed of incorporation or repositioning of the company.

This is the document that generates the subject, the economic entity that identifies the physiognomy, the project that is at the basis of any entrepreneurial act.
It is in effect the document that is signed when the company is founded. It is very often implicit and our copywriters – wherever they are located in the world – are used to drafting or perfecting it.

After this, it is very easy for our departments to draft and illustrate the two other Charters which will become the editorial and iconographic references of all communication.

Eurologos Group: corporate identity set down in the Charters

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