Graphic Design

In our era of communication – above all graphic communication – the most widespread idea is that we should never have to read a text that is not illustrated using high quality and meaningful graphic design.
How can we fail to agree with this vision?
We cannot escape the visual civilisation of our age.

Our writers – whether they are copywriters, designers or translators – know it: their writing is even radically affected by it.
Imagery, transfiguration and all other kinds of metaphor is profoundly intrinsic to their phraseology… Do we not say "better an image than a long speech"?

Just one more reason to translate everything into graphic design, and to illustrate. That is to say to celebrate, clear up, exemplify, distinguish, identify, enlighten, figure, de-normalise etc.

The graphic designers and illustrators of the Eurologos Group agencies have a full range of styles and skills (Indesign, QuarkExpress, Illustrator, Photoshop etc.), as if this concerned their multilingualism.

Despite the boom in digital communication, you should in no event neglect the usefulness of printed documents and brochures. Indeed, these still remain an indispensable and active identity card for the company.
Their mission is also to deliver documents that are identical to the source documents.
Multilingual DTP work requires a mastery of the constraints linked to each language, both on a conceptual and typographical level.
We can localize documents in virtually all languages and in the different types of alphabet: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic and even the other character-based languages: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese etc.

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Eurologos Group: graphic design that illustrates and pleasantly transfigures reality

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