Professional multilingual rewriting before translation

When preparing technical and commercial texts one normally has an original text edited by the exporting or parent company. Often, technicians write the texts. Their technical precision does not generally reach the stylistic and seductive beauty one usually expects from advertising and marketing texts: technicians as we all know aren’t renowned for the great quality of their copywriting.
Especially if we consider the fact that technical texts often fill advertising functions: sales are the number one problem of our time.

Therefore, professional rewriting before translation and adaptation remains useful if not indispensable.
Often, one must prepare several editions: one per language in order to bring persuasive efficiency to the top levels, while naturally keeping the communication content which the marketing and technology departments have referenced as the strategic axis in their market position.
This is sometimes the case for websites which are centered on a product or a one-to-one type services and for which adapting to various markets constitutes one of the major problems.

Eurologos, with its editors situated in the glocalized offices, can easily face these texts which can qualify as multilingual.