Double check: CMS (technological level) and geostyle (linguistic level)

Websites are like interactive shop windows situated in the shopping streets in cities the world over.
It wouldn’t be particularly judicious to prepare the same kind of window for Madrid as for Buenos Aires, for Glasgow as for Los Angeles, or even for Lisbon as for Rio de Janeiro: the linguistic styles and local economic cultures – albeit belonging to the same language – diverge considerably!
This is a well-known notion referred to as “geostyle” by translatologists (well-linked to the geomarketing concept).
As soon as a website is translated into the languages of the target market, aimed for by the expansionary policies of the company (or by the interlocutory and dialogic policies of the public institution), the problem of the geostyle must be taken in account.
The competitiveness of products and services is based on the local languages and geostyles. This local language notion is still generally under evaluated. We are more developed on an information technology level, where the website isn’t even considered (and quite rightly too!) viable or efficient unless it is conceived on the basis of a CMS system (Content Management System) therefore truly referential and interactive on the Internet.

The Eurologos offices situated on four continents are capable of translating and localizing every truly multilingual website. And to validate them from a technological (CMS) point of view as well as from a linguistic (local geostyle) one.