Media exploitation of events

When the conference room is not already equipped with a simultaneous interpretation system, we supply the full infrared equipment.
For the entire duration of the equipment rental, the presence of a sound engineer is always guaranteed. He supervises and assures the perfect functioning of the entire installation, and notably of:

- soundproof booths;
- individual receivers;
- conference and president's microphones (usually no less than 5);
- a full transmission, amplification, and recording system;
- wireless microphones;
- Internet equipment.

We can also supply full audiovisual equipment consisting of:

- computer projection system (laptop);
- slide projector(s) with screen(s);
- overhead projector for transparencies with screen;
- CCTV with television set(s);
- large-screen TV;
- videotape(s) recording.

And, of course, we can also provide full services for the coverage of photographic rendition.
One must always think to properly animate communication during sessions and to leave significant traces of the event (audiovisual recordings and photographs) to take advantage of them later, when the conference is over.