Between performance and underperformance: working "live"

Eurologos also gives advice on matters of congress organization, conferences, and seminars.
The company or association's brand image is at stake. It is imperative that it be enhanced by the event, in terms of its prestige as well as the force of its impact. The privilege to benefit from an exceptional concentration of attention on the part of the audience, the press, the audiovisual media, opinion makers, public authorities, dealers, prospective clients the general public, and... of the competition, can easily turn into a very painful counter-performance!
Indeed, all advantages to be the "star" are likely to be annihilated by the typical problems associated with "live" performance. And it is precisely here that details take on the same importance as essential elements.

The return on investment thus requires that the entire organization - before, during, and after - can brilliantly resist what is called "the all-out criticism" that the environment always exercises on all events that take place on the events communication "market".

In conjunction with our offices' Translation and Copywriting departments, our Interpretation Department is able to ensure the perfect organization of all aspects of a Congress or Press Conference: from room rental and hotel reservations, to reception and guided visits; from press releases and the publication of congress dossiers to the translation of interventions and debate reports. Before, during and after!