Flexibility of interpretation modes

In the organization of congresses, it is often necessary to combine various types of interpretation. There could be simultaneously or whispered interpreted speeches, consecutive interpretations, committee debates in liaison and motions in sight translation. It is not rare to be forced to change, at the last minute and in the middle of the conference programme, the structure of the types of interpretation and the interpreters' assignments.

At the request of the session's manager, the Eurologos coordinator on location, steps in with the interpreters by immediately reorganizing services in accordance with new requirements.
The perfect organizational success of the conference depends on the relationship between the conference Manager and the Eurologos coordinator.
This cooperation will have to start, in any case, well before the day of the conference, especially for providing the interpreters with exhaustive documentation so they can prepare properly, from the point of view of the theme as well as terminology.

Just like sworn translations, sworn interpretations require persons certified by the Courts. In addition to criminal cases, of course, sworn interpretation is mandatory for civil deeds (marriage, expert reports, etc.)