From the latest Content Management System to hypertexts

We also proceed to multilingual localization of sites on the World Wide Web.

We take charge of the translation and adaptation of all types of files that make up a website (HTML, XML, ASP, JS, etc.), hypertext links, even illustrations, and especially on CMS systems.

Our web designers and webmasters work together to localize images and ensure that the translated sites function properly. They use programs such as Dreamweaver or Flash.

And above all, they work in direct contact with the translators who ensure the localization of websites in multiple languages. This collaboration allows for faithful translation and adaptation into all the languages in which the site will be consulted.

The “glocalization” of the Eurologos Group is therefore founded on the integrated localization of multilingual texts and web supports.

After the final agreement, we proceed to install the site with the chosen Internet Access Provider.