Web & e-Marketing

Websites have become the best performing sales instruments in the world.
But on three essential conditions.

First and foremost, they must be multilingual: a monolingual website is automatically ranked amongst the voluntarily handicapped in the plural markets that make up the world today.

In addition, they must be technologically suitable for referencing and consequently well seen and well frequented: with obsolete technology, they are destined to be located like a shop window in the desert.

And finally, they must be interactively linked to social networks so as to tell the company's story to its communities of web surfers: narrative increasingly represents the most efficient dimension of contemporary communication.

Web designers and web developers of the Eurologos agencies on four continents ensure that these three conditions are fulfilled continuously.

Their daily work with copywriter and translator colleagues – all glocalized – allow for this high quality optimisation.

The integration of our three professions (copywriting, translation and graphic design) allows us to reduce prices without cutting back on quality procedures.

Eurologos Group: the entire web in tune with multilingual e-marketing

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