Geostylistic specialization of technical words

Already in the book "Translation, Adaptation, and Multilingual Editing", published in 1994 in Brussels by three senior Eurologos executives, we dealt with the problem of the validation of new technical terms. On page 41 of this book, it is written: "the problem of unequivocal translatability or intelligibility is found even in a phrase or a single word".
If you take as an example the neologism created for cheese commercialized under the name "cambozola" - combination of the name of the French cheese "camembert" and the Italian "gorgonzola" - two possibilities that were bound to fail are underscored: "gongobert" and "camenzola" . And to conclude, "It is not enough to mix camembert and gorgonzola or to mix the two brands"...
Several Eurologos agencies have been advising their clients on the neology of technical terms since the 80s.