Technical company glossaries and linguistic engineering

These days, multilingual document production and the development of technical glossaries call for cutting-edge technology born from linguistic engineering.

Within its European Network, Eurologos can boast of having all the assets of modern translation technology.
Translation memory systems (also called computer-aided translation software) make it possible to avoid repeatedly translating the same sentence or term, by means of a system of locating correspondence between two texts. They guarantee stylistic and terminological uniformity of the translations, and appreciably enhance quality and productivity.
Eurologos uses several translation memory systems such as Trados, IBM and Déjà vu.

Terminology is increasingly an integral part of the product itself

"Quality. For years this has been the one word on everybody's lips. But can everyone produce it? Eurologos was already asking itself this question in 1982, when I was still far from starting my studies in terminology. So-called multilingual translation agencies without a network of foreign offices and an in-house team of translators and proofreaders (all working into their mother tongue and with the aid of translation memories), those offices, let it be known, have no right to speak of quality."

Nancy Bams
Quality Department Manager
Eurologos - Brussels