Text creation and rewriting

"Translating is writing", said French Academic, Marguerite Yourcenar, stressing the re-creational, if not totally creative character of translation. In any case, Eurologos offices also have copywriters who write and rewrite texts (see the definition of Writing in the Eurologos Glossary). Often, they are journalists or former translators who are particularly talented in translative Writing and who decided to dedicate themselves to creation-writing activities.

Countering the hypnotic effect of words

In order to solve this problem, writers adopt the very old method used by authors of "putting their texts to sleep" in a drawer in order to "forget" them. By rereading after some time has passed, the hypnotic effect will no longer be there and they can fine-tune them effectively, sheltered from the tendency to repeat "unseen" typos or some extraordinarily tenacious lexical errors.
At Eurologos, this problem is always very quickly solved by using translator-revisers who work in pairs.
The two copywriters (or the two translators) exchange their freshly hatched texts, which are thus corrected without having been put to "sleep": production times do not allow for it!