Editorial & graphic charters

A company’s or institution’s (even a small one’s) instructions

Every company or public institution, even a very small one, must always have an Editorial Charter and a Graphic Charter. Even if it is only in order to determine one’s positioning, one’s products/services and to ensure the continuity of one’s communication, however modest.

In addition, the foundation of a company is consistently based on these two Charters.This can also be done, even in an implicit manner, without them having actually been written up yet. Indeed, one cannot effectively convey the activities, the products, the services, and the entire life of a company if these two Charters have not been clearly drawn up and defined.

The Editorial Charter and the Graphic Charter are based on the editorial policy which is essential to the foundation of a company, to its initial ideation originally assigned by the entrepreneur. As their names indicate, both Charters deal with the (editorial) conceptual references and the (simply graphic) iconographic references that therefore become the two main reference points of any type of communication in time.

Eurologos: communication is based on the Charters