Eurologos-London is the branch of our group which, In view of its success, is destined to become one of our glocal group’s most important head offices: with Brussels, Shanghai, and the future New York and Los Angeles branches..
Two managers from our Lisbon headquarters took the initiative of opening this London branch for family reasons – they have always cultivated their close ties with Great Britain.
The production of English, in particular British English, is thus resolved: Eurologos’ typical idea of having as many branches available to clients as languages and geostyles is thereby carried out for the most widely spoken language on the planet.
Other offices will be opened in Great Britain and Ireland by our Eurologos-London branch.
In fact, the prestige of our London branch cannot fail to become a huge attraction for every translation or communication (even graphic) agency, which is still monolocalised in Anglo-Saxon countries.
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